Relive old adventures with a collection of your travel memories

Create your own paperless travel journals full of photos and stories

How many times do you take photos only to store away and forget about them?

Want to share your experiences easily with friends and family?

Do you dream about the great times you had?

Meet Voyagery. A menagerie for your travels.

  • Make your journals paperless.
  • Bring them to life by adding photos.
  • Tell the story behind the photo.
  • Share with friends and family, or happily keep them private to yourself.
  • It's dead simple. Leaving you to focus on the fun of new experiences.

Here's what you can do.

Create journals & posts

A journal is the book that holds your posts. Create one for each of your trips. We've deliberately kept these flexible, but we suggest adding a post for each of your day's activities, so you can show a timeline of your trip and easily share your experiences.

Upload photos

Bring journals and posts to life by adding photos. It's easy to upload directly from your laptop or even a phone. For piece of mind, all photos are stored securely in the cloud.

Tell your stories

Add diary entries or jot down notes to accompany your posts and photos. Share highlights each day, those funny moments and mention the great people you met. They can be as short or as long as your like, it's your journal after all. Just remember to note it down before you forget!

Using beautiful templates

Choose from a selection of templates to best show off your journals. Pick between a photo grid layout for visual, photo-based journals or go for a more storytelling vibe, taking your readers along with you on your journey.

Remember your trips

Part of the fun of travelling is to look back at old trips and being inspired for your next one. That's why we'll show you what you were doing on this day exactly a month ago, a year or even two.

Add tags & search

Tag posts to quickly identify a theme or activity you did that day and make them easier to search.

Share with friends & family

Choose your privacy lock settings to share journals with friends or family so they can see what you've been up to. You can even open it up for the world to see. Remember, you are always in control of what's shared.

Quick post

There are times you might only have time to quickly note something down in the moment. That's why we've created a quick post feature for mobiles to quickly note down some thoughts that you can move to journals later when you have time.

Dark mode

If your device is set in dark mode, Voyagery will mirror your preference and give you an elegant dark design easier on the eyes.

With more features coming!

We're constantly improving and adding new features to Voyagery. We already have some great ideas and updates in the pipeline to make journaling even better. Stay tuned!

Begin your voyage.

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