Voyagery is perfect for international jet setters and people who spend a lot of time on the road.

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No geo-location, no automatic sharing, it’s all under your control.

  • What is Voyagery?

    Voyagery is the app that allows you to connect with your friends, family or business peers. With Voyagery you can share your travel plans in a selective way thus keeping your privacy under control.

    The service lets you keep track of your friends, family, colleagues or business connections and see when and where your roads will meet.

    Business or pleasure, this app will let you keep your connections informed about your schedule without using your phone’s GPS  function.

  • Is it available for my device?

    Voyagery is currently available for iPhones (it requires iOS 7 or later) and Android devices. For the best experience, we recommend you use the latest version of OS available for your phone.

    Other devices are not supported at this time. We currently do not support tablets, computers or Wi-Fi only devices.

  • How do I enable access to my contacts?

    In order to get the best experience from Voyagery, we strongly recommend that you allow access to your phone's contacts. Here are a few things to know about using Voyagery with your phone's contacts.

    You can enable access by going to your iPhone's Settings:

    1. iPhone Settings, Tap [Privacy]
    2. Tap [Contacts]
    3. Make Sure Voyagery is set to "On"

    If Voyagery is grayed out or does not appear in Privacy settings ensure that you do not have any "Restrictions" set in iPhone Settings > General > Restrictions. Otherwise, you will most likely need to restore your phone.

  • How can I set my profile in Voyagery?

    When you first download and install Voyagery, we take you through a registration process where you set your country, city, telephone number, email address and gender. Once your account was created you will receive a unique PIN code by SMS.

    Using your phone number and the PIN you will be able to login.


    In the tab My account > tap My profile to complete it with your name or to update your details. Don’t forget to tap Save when you finish.

    The name you put in your Voyagery profile is used in the notifications your contacts will receive when you share your schedule with them.

    If someone does not have your information saved in their address book that person will see your phone number in the notifications when you share your schedule with them. However, in your connections' All contacts lists they will see the name they have saved for you in their address books.


    The schedule is an indicator of your current (and future) location, so that your contacts can keep up to date with you. When you share your schedule, anyone who you choose to share it with (groups  or individuals) will be able to see that submission as your current location, even if you are offline. However, if you choose not to share your schedule, your contacts will see your home location as current location, in your profile.

    Your friend's current location will be displayed directly below their name in your All contacts list (Go to the Contacts screen > Tap apply filters & check contacts’locations > Tap All contacts)

    You can edit any part of your Voyagery profile at any time.

  • Who can I share my schedule with?

    Once installed, ensure that the contacts, who you wish to share your schedule with, have Voyagery installed on their phones. If they do have Voyagery installed and not show up under the All contacts screen, add their numbers to your phone contacts:

    1. Add the contact to your phone contacts (Enter the number the same as you would if you were to make a phone call to that person; make sure you entered the correct number)
    2. If this is an international phone number, do not use any exit codes or leading 0s. Start all international phone numbers with a + sign, followed by the country code.
    3. Open Voyagery and go to All Contacts screen (Go to the Contacts screen > Tap Custom filters for search > Tap All contacts)

    Now that this contact is visible in your Voyagery Contacts list, select their name and tap on it. Here you can see their current location, contact them or add them to your groups.

  • Who has Voyagery?

    Your contacts, who have installed Voyagery, are shown in your All Contacts list (Go to the Contacts screen > Tap Custom filters for search > Tap All contacts)

  • How do I add a friend?

    There is no need to add friends to Voyagery.

    If your friend's phone number is in your phone's address book you can start sharing your schedule with them via Voyagery.

    If you cannot see your friend in Voyagery, please follow these steps:

    1. Ensure that your friend has Voyagery installed on their phone.
    2. Double check that your friend's phone number is entered correctly in your phone's address book.
      • Enter the number the same as you would if you were to make a phone call to that person.
      • If this is an international phone number, do not use any exit codes or leading 0s. Start all international phone numbers with a + sign, followed by the country code.

    Open Voyagery and go to All Contacts screen. (Go to the Contacts screen > Tap Custom filters for search > Tap All contacts)

    Contacts in your phone address book that have Voyagery will be displayed in the All Contacts screen. You can only share your schedule with these contacts via Voyagery.

    If you still do not see your friend in your Voyagery list, it is possible that your friend does not have Voyagery installed. It's easy to invite your contacts to Voyagery so that you can all enjoy the application together.

  • How can I invite my friends?

    In order to share your schedule with contacts on Voyagery, everyone must have the Voyagery application installed and activated on their phones. If some of your friends, connections and family are not yet on Voyagery, it is easy to invite them to join in!

    You can send a Voyagery invitation via our Share app feature. This allows you to send an email, a text message or to post a message on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ telling your friends about Voyagery and directing them to a download link.

    Not sure where to find this feature in Voyagery?

    • iPhone: Voyagery > More > Tap [Share the app with your friends]
  • How can I create groups?

    iPhone: Voyagery >My account > My groups > Tap Add group > Edit group name > check the contacts you want to add > Tap Save

    Adding contacts to existing groups:

    iPhone: Voyagery > All Contacts list (Go to the Contacts screen > Tap Custom filters for search > Tap All contacts) > Tap the contact’s name > Group to which he/she belongs > Tap the Edit icon > Check the group > Tap Save.

  • Why does Voyagery use my phone number and my address book?

    We ask for your phone number because that is how Voyagery shares schedule submissions between you and your contacts.

    Your address book data is private to you. No one else using Voyagery has access to your address book data, unless you share the data. We value your privacy and we have not, do not, and will not ever sell your personal information to anyone. If you would like to learn more about this please take a look at our Privacy Notice.

    In order to prevent and reduce unsolicited spam messages, as well as to improve your in-app experience, Voyagery uses the phone numbers from your phone's address book. Voyagery does not store any of your information on anyone else's systems.

    Voyagery looks at the phone numbers in your address book, then checks to see which of those numbers are registered in Voyagery. This allows any Voyagery users from your address book to appear as contacts in your Contacts list. During this entire process, only the phone numbers are sent to our system for lookup, securely over an encrypted connection. No other information, such as names or emails are sent.

  • Are my submissions secure?

    With Voyagery the communication between your phone and our server is fully encrypted.

    We do not store your submissions on our servers. Once delivered successfully to your phone, schedule submissions are removed from our system.

    Even though data sent through our app is encrypted, remember that if your phone or your friend's phone is being used by someone else, it may be possible for them to read your Voyagery schedule. Please be aware of who has physical access to your phone.

    We value everyone’s privacy, thus your connection’s schedule is available for you only if they choose to share it.

    Standard carrier charges apply for sms and calls.

  • My Voyagery account has been deactivated!

    If you are not able to use Voyagery and you are receiving the following message: “Your number ... is no longer allowed to use our service” this means that your Voyagery account has been deactivated.

    We deactivate accounts if we believe the account activity is in violation of our Terms of Service. Please review our Terms of Service to learn more about the appropriate uses of Voyagery.

    We cannot comment on the individual reasons of each account deactivation. However, specific actions such as the following may eventually result in your account becoming deactivated.

    1. Submitting content that is in violation of our Terms of Service such as unlawful, obscene, threatening, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive or any other inappropriate material.
    2. Being annoying to other users.
    3. Being a repeat infringer.
    4. Using an automated system or an unauthorized / unofficial client application to send messages through Voyagery.

    Please be aware that we may not issue a warning before deactivating your account. If you think your account was deactivated by mistake you can email us and we will look into your case.

    After your account has been deactivated, your contacts will still be able to see you in their Contacts lists but you will no longer receive their submissions.

    Please note that Voyagery reserves the right to refuse service for any reason without prior notice, at our sole discretion.